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0.00000 XRD

delegated to the Cobra Stakes validator.

Validator: rv...7yxq0n2ar

Percent Of Epoch 0 Complete

The Radix network launched!
This chart updates every minute and shows you roughly how far through this epoch we have gone.

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Proposals made by the Cobra Stakes validator are monitored, looking for reasonable consistency over the epochs. Missing proposals can lead to reduced earnings.

On the chart to the right you can see how many successful proposals were submitted over the previous ten epochs. If the Radix validator software fails, (for any reason) or a proposal is missed, a very load alarm is triggered in the validator administartors home, day or night.

The Cobra Stakes validator has 8 cores, 40 GB of RAM and utilises triple replicated NVMe storage to bring you the most performant server we can. Our backup server only has SSD however it does have more cores and RAM, plus >10x the DDoS mitigation capacity, just in case.

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A few Words From Me

If you have stumbled upon this page there is a good chance that it was not due to my reaching out to you. I have never been a fan of the dPoS popularity contest. If you are looking at this page there is a good chance we have interacted over the last 8 years in some way. The best part of this journey is getting to know a close knit group of people which you become friends with over time and, in many cases, never physically meet. I am taking the "Tesla" approach to running my Validator, without any focus on advertising. I have enjoyed the crypto journey and enjoy conversation about the whole ecosystem. If you ever feel like just having a chat I can be reached on Discord user: cobra #9708

I found this project in 2013 and got hooked on the founders, (Dan Hughes) approach to tackling this huge problem. I knew he had the drive to pull off the impossible and didn't give in to the many critics, simply kept his head down and pressed on. It has been a true honor to see the project evolve from one man and a following of 50 or so people to what it is now and the vast team that is behind it.

When you observe a transaction clear in less than 3 seconds you're in awe when you think of the true limitless scaling potential when sharding is enabled. I got hooked on this because I felt it was the best solution if there was ever a cryptocurrency to reach mass adoption and still feel that way today. I applaud Dan and the Team for making this idea a reality. Well Done! But this is only the beginning.....

I want to give credit where it is due, I decided to rely on Slightlyiffy for providing this node and the high availability behind it. As one of the core 50 people that I have been communicating with for over 8 years I have confidence in him and his technical ability. So don't let the name fool you, he is anything but. If you have a need for consulting or running a node yourself I would reach out to him. - Website Created By & © Slightlyiffy, All Rights Reserved.